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5 Key Tax Deductions to Keep in Mind This Tax Season

5 Key Tax Deductions to Keep in Mind This Tax SeasonCredit lOvE LovE/Shutterstock Staying up-to-date on tax developments and changing laws is an important parte of being a small geschftliches miteinander owner. While it may be tempting to avoid the headaches of tax season, youre better off staying focused and informed throughout the year so come tax time you can work more productively with your CPA or tax professional. By being aware of deductions, especially those that are often overlooked, you can enaya that youre saving the most money on your taxes each year. It can also lead to more informed discussions with your tax professional.Typically, I see geschftlicher umganges and their owners focused on what their geschftslebenes do providing a service, creating a product, or selling a product, said Sam Hicks, a CPA with the California-based accounting firm Stern, Kory, Sreden and Morgan. When theyre tasked with focusing on something that can be very compli cated for a week or two out of their year, it can be seen as a chore with the best method to completion being getting it done as quickly as possible. The rush this creates doesnt lead to a full understanding of potential tax breaks and strategies.If youre working on your taxes and think you qualify for one or more of ansicht deductions, make koranvers you discuss with your CPA the deductions your business can take advantage of.Related Interested in tax software for your business? Check out our best picks for tax software for businessHome-based businessesOne standard deduction that many business owners overlook particularly freelancers or very small business owners is deducting home-based expenses. This can apply to a range of expenses, like housing payments, Wi-Fi plans and even utilities. The amount of savings varies based on your situation but is usually paid on a percentage basis.Nothing in the internal revenue code prevents businesses from using a reasonable usage allocation m ethod meaning if a small business owner uses their internet 75 percent of the time for the business, 75 percent of the bill would be a reasonable deduction for the business same with utilities, security systems and home upkeep, Hicks said.According to Tom Wheelwright, CPA and author of Tax-Free Wealth, having a home office can extend your deductions to other areas as well. You may qualify for a higher deduction on your vehicle.While most business owners take some deductions for their car, they miss a lot, because they dont take a home office deduction. Since having a home office can eliminate the nondeductible commute. With your home office commute being 30 feet from the kitchen to work, many business owners find their automobile deduction increases by as much as double what it was previously, he said.Planning for retirementIf youre a small business owner, dont overlook setting up a retirement plan for you and your employees because of your businesss size. Setting it up right, whil e it will vary based on your businesss needs, can be a viable financial option if you qualify for certain deductions.The deduction would come out based on the amount thats funded at the corporate level, said Scott Berger, a CPA with Florida-based accounting firm Kaufman Rossin. Many small business owners just completely forget about it or theyre afraid that theyre going to have to fund too much for their employees and totally disregard it without actually investigating and seeing what the benefits are.Do you employ your children?geschftsleben owners who employ their children can save money by structuring their taxes to get a deduction. Small businesses can hire children as young as 12 to work for the business. As long as theyre paid a proper wage, these kids can contribute to the family business. If you are employing some of your children, you can get a tax deduction on their earnings.In 2017, the standard deduction allowed for all single people, including children, is $6,350 this means if a parent business owner is taxed at a 35 percent marginal tax rate and pays their child $6,300 for their work work the parent may have had to do themselves the tax burden of that $6,300 (35 percent time $6,300) shifts away from the parent to the child and with the wage amount being less than the annual standard deduction, the child wouldnt have taxable income, Hicks said.Mileage reimbursementMuch like home-based businesses, some small business owners qualify for a tax benefit based on where they travel for their jobs. Going to a clients location or traveling other places for business are obvious miles, but Jeffrey Schneider, founder of SFS Tax Problem Solutions, said that business owners should try and log every work-related mile for the tax benefit.Many people remember to include miles to their clients or vendors. However, what about those trips to the office supply store, bank, post office? These miles add up, he said.Legal feesOne area businesses can get a deduction on is legal fees and tax preparation software. If youre using software or working with a CPA on hiring your taxes, or have various other outstanding legal fees, you could qualify for a deduction. Michel Valbrun, CPA and founder of Wealth Warriors, said that some businesses qualify for legal-related deductions. In general, it could be possible to deduct fees you pay attorneys for tax-related work. This can also apply to tax prep software. This deduction, like many featured in this article, varies on a case-by-case basis. If you think you qualify for a deduction on legal or tax-related fees, its definitely worth exploring this option with a tax professional.Bottom lineIts important to stay on top of your taxes throughout the year. If you work with a tax professional, ask informed questions to ensure youre getting the most out of your filing each year. Its also important to consider accounting or tax software that can help you file, but if your business is large and complex, its crucial to work with a CPA or tax professional.Regardless of how you complete your taxes, make sure youre staying informed and on top of law changes. In the end, working with an accountant is the most beneficial to your business if you have good communication and can plan for a healthy financial future.We want to be their partners, and we want to communicate with small businesses on a regular basis, Berger said. You go to the doctor for preventative maintenance, you should go to your accountant for preventative maintenance as well. Matt DAngelo Matt DAngelo is a Tech Staff Writer based in New York City. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Journalism, Matt gained experience as a copy editor and writer for newspapers and various zugnglich publications. Matt joined the staff in 2017 and covers technology for and Business News Daily. 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How to Improve Resume Spelling and Grammar - Jobscan Blog

How to Improve Resume Spelling and Grammar - Jobscan BlogPosted on January 26, 2016February 22, 2019 by James Hu Your resume is a reflection of you as a professional. A resume riddled with typos, grammatical errors, and other issues will raise an immediate red flag with a hiring manager.Your resume spelling and grammar speak volumes to your attention to detail, professionalism, and desire for the job. Even if writing wont be one of your job duties, your ability to convey yourself well matters.In addition to being off-putting to hiring managers, typos and errors on your resume can trip up an applicant tracking ordnungsprinzip (ATS). An ATS will scan your resume for keywords in the process of ranking applicants.If you spell a resume keyword incorrectly, that keyword will get overlookedand that could mean your application isnt considered.All you need to do is write a great resume with excellent spelling and grammar that is consistent with what hiring managers are looking for.How do you do it? Here are five useful tips.1. Find a friend to proofreadProofreading is best done by someone else. Your brain is in the business of tricking you into believing that what you intended to write is what you actually wrote. When reading your own work, your brain will fill in gaps or typos. Someone reading your work for the first time will have a fresh perspective and be able to spot mistakes.Instead, find a knowledgeable and detail-oriented friend and have them give it a close read. If you can find two such friends, go for it. The more eyes on your resume, the better.2. Dont trust spell checkIts easy to fall into the trap of trusting a word processors spell check to fix your spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, unterstellung systems are anything but perfect. They wont do you any good if you happen to misspell a word in a way that matches another word in the dictionary. If you mean to say counsel, but use council instead, youre out of luck.Grammar check rarely takesthe context of your words into account, and will often suggest changes that actually hurt your sentence rather than help.When it comes to your resume, human proofreading is best.3. Try Grammarly and Hemingway EditorWhile they cant replace a human, there are services out there for those who want to have their document checked before passing it along to a human proofreader.Grammarly is aproofreading tool that does a number of things. It checks your document for spelling and grammar mistakes, and also gives you insight into whether youre using the passive voice or writing sentences that are difficult to read.Thereis also theHemingway Editor, which is free on the Web and available as a purchasable desktop app for Windows or OS X. Hemingway wont correct your spelling mistakes, but it will tell you what grade level youre writing at, how many adverbs and passive voice phrases you use, and which sentences are unnecessarily difficult to read.It will even suggest simpler words to use in place of complicated or arcane ones. This helps you avoids overwriting, which is common among badeanstalt resumes.These solutions will not maintain the formatting of your resume. Theyre meant for bulk text proofreading.4. Eliminate first-person pronounsFirst-person pronouns (I, we, my, etc.) shouldnt appear anywhere in your resume. The whole document is about you, and the hiring manager knows this.A resume should be written in the first person, though, so avoid using third-person pronouns (he, she, they).What does that leave you with? Sentences that start with verbs, such as managed and directed. Also called action words, they have immediate impact and establish ownership over the success or process being described in the sentence. (See our list ofresume action words.)Active voice is direct, powerful, and to the point.Do not write a meek or demure resume. Your resume is a abverkauf brochure, and you are the product. Use clear and direct language to highlight your abilities and accomplishments.5. Include th e full form of abbreviationsUse both the complete and abbreviated versions of keywords within your resume, such as physician assistant and PA.You might know what a TPS report is, but your future employer might not. A hiring manager might search for candidates using the abbreviated form of a resume keyword, or they might use the complete phrase. Your best bet, for clarity and to maximize your resume keyword usage, is to include both the full phrase and the abbreviation for key terms.For example, use both PA and physician assistant.Paying attention to these five tips will help you improve your resume grammar and spelling, and thus its overall quality. In the end, you will have a quality resume that impresses both hiring managers and applicant tracking systems.If youre starting your resume from scratch, take a look at this helpful resume writing guide to make sure youre doing it write right the first time.Facebook Commentswpdevar_comment_1 span,wpdevar_comment_1 iframewidth100% importa nt

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New Ideas Into Writing a Resume with Transferable Skills Never Before Revealed

New Ideas Into Writing a Resume with Transferable Skills Never Before Revealed Transferable skills are universal skills that could transfer from 1 job to anotlageher, in nearly any career field, regardless of the kind of work. Transferable abilities, also called portable abilities, are qualities that may be transferred from 1 job to another. Generally, you truly must adhere to a conventional job application. Thankfully, its not tough to understand which skills an employer is searching for as theyre normally clearly specified in the job postings. Many times, in turning in an application for a work position, it is helpful to demonstrate you have transferable skills to provide a position or industry-especially, if youre changing careers or forms of positions. With a Indeed Resume its possible to select your abilities and experience visible to employers and supply them an effortless ways to speak to you about relevant jobs. What You Must Know About Writing a Resume with Transfer able Skills To begin with, you need to learn how to take advantage of your transferable skills. Learn about the three sorts of skills you can highlight and the way youre ready to include them into your resume. Go through the list and identify thetransferable resume skills youve got. Listing your skills provides a chance to showcase your abilities and experiences to prime employers for the remainder of your resume. The Importance of Writing a Resume with Transferable Skills Moreover, writing lesson plans may appear daunting, but not to worry since youre an expert at writing procedures for your workplace. Superior writing skills are as vital as having the ability to speak to someone clearly. Your resume is only going to matter after you buy a referral and have to deliver your resume, or at an interview as soon as the particular person whos interviewing youll ask questions off your resume. A variety of people are really hesitant in regards to create resumes for themselves and have a specialist to find the business done. Type of Writing a Resume with Transferable Skills Effective leadership and management involves taking charge and motivating others to accomplish certain goals on a person, team and business level. Writing work application is normally an intimidating issue. Make certain you list an assortment of skills your potential employers are looking for, including mentioning your skills in creative content strategy, social networking analytics and search engine optimization (search engine optimization) for a position as a social networking manager. Its possible to transfer leadership skills to a lot of unique industries because most employers value people who are able to organize teams to reach shared objectives.

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Helpful Tax Deduction Tips for Writers

Helpful Tax Deduction Tips for WritersHelpful Tax Deduction Tips for WritersWhen April 15 is getting close, and its time to file your taxes as a book author, the more you know about your deductions, the better. Sure, your pens, computer printer ink, and paper are tax-deductible- but there are other tax deductions you may be eligible to take. If youve never before filed taxes as an author but would like to, first determine whether your writing efforts qualify as a geschftliches miteinander, as opposed to a hobby. Of course, general good record-keeping rules of the IRS apply here. Save receipts, note the names of guests at meals or events, and make sure to clearly state the business purpose of the expense, and be sure to double-check assumptions with your paid tax preparer informed. That way, if the IRS audits you, youll have a clear recollection and confirmation of your legitimate business deductions. Deduct Paid Contractors, Freelancer, and Agency Fees Did you pay an editorial fr eelancer to edit your manuscript? Did you pay a graphic artist to design your book jacket? Photographers, illustrators, copyeditors- the fees paid to book development contractors are tax-deductible, as are the costs of outside services, such as a freelance publicist, a website developer for your author website or a video producer for your online book trailer. Literary agents send authors their royalty checks during the year with the agency percentage fees already deducted off the top of their income, and the year-end a 1099-MISC form an author gets from his or her agency would reflect that. If thats true in your case, of course, you wouldnt claim the agency fees as a deduction, because they already been deducted from your income. Claiming them twice would be double-dipping. If you pay an independent contractor or freelancer more than $600 on your book project, youll need to send both the contractor and the IRS a Form 1099-MISC (assuming you did not withhold any taxes from the contra ctor or freelancers fees). What Is Meals and Entertainment Expense? Most meal and entertainment expenses that relate to your profession as an author are deducted at 50%, as long as the event has a clear business purpose, you keep records of the discussion, and you keep receipts for anything over $75. That meansif youre paying for lunch with an interview subject for your book, or are having lunch with your freelance publicist to discuss book reklame campaign strategy, half of the expense is tax-deductible. However, the IRS allows 100% deductions if you provide meals, entertainment, or recreational facilities to the general public as a means of advertising or promoting goodwill in the community. For example, neither the expense of sponsoring a television or radio show nor the expense of distributing free food and beverages to the general public is subject to the 50% limit.(1) If you rented space and to hold a public book reading party for your new novel, the costs of renting the f acility and paying the caterer may be deductible at 100%, because the purpose of the event is to advertise and promote your newly-released book. Author Advertising Expenses The Schedule C category Advertising is used broadly to encompass many expense items on your book marketing and publicity plans related to promoting yourself and your writing.Some examples of Advertising items specific to authors are Ads- the design, creation, and placement or media fees of print (newspaper or magazine), TV, or Internet advertising. This includes pay-per-click fees, or paid placement in a catalog related to your book (for example, having your book listed in Ingram or Baker and Taylors book wholesaler catalogs or listing).Branding and logo design- for you as an author to establish a recognizable look to attract readers to your book or series of books.Flyers, brochures, mailers, business cards- for your public appearances, like readings or book signings at a book festival. You can deduct the cos t of design, printing, and distribution. Promotional items or giveaways (some examples might be bookmarks, book bags that promote your title or your book jacket design, tee shirts, pens, pads, etc.)Signage (for example, to announce your book signing) and display costs. This could include banners, posters- even a billboard if you had the budget for itWebsite costs- unterstellung include the design and development of your author website, as well as monthly or annual hosting fees.Newsletters- if you pay for a newsletter service like (like Constant Contact or MailChimp) to send out newsletters to your readers, the monthly fees are tax-deductible. If you are a self-published author who paid an all-inclusive fee to publish and promote your book, make sureyou check to see if promotional items are included in your package. Depending on your tax status, you may be able to break out the cost of these advertising fees to include them in your Schedule C deductions. This article is meant to giv e a general insight into tax information that might apply to writers, and to provide readers an entry point so they can research further. While every effort was made to ensure the information in this article was accurate at the time it was written, the Book Publishing site guide is a writer- not a tax expert. Therefore, anyone filing their taxes should consult a qualified tax preparer or tax expert for updated federal and state income tax and sale tax laws and further specifics on how these rules might apply to an individual tax situation. ?For specific IRS resources regarding the subjects mentioned in this article, refer to IRS Publication 334 (2012), Tax Guide for Small Business. The general information included in this article is not to be used to avoid tax penalties that might be levied by the IRS (see the Treasury Circular 230 regulation for the specific provision).

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Tips for Veterans Trying to Crack the Job Market

Tips for Veterans Trying to Crack the Job MarketTips for Veterans Trying to Crack the Job MarketTips for Veterans Trying to Crack the Job MarketToday is Veterans Day, an often overlooked holiday (since it involves no candy or pumpkins no turkey or football games). But its an important holiday, when we stop to remember and honor the men and women who have served in the armed forces, especially the many thousands wounded or killed. If not for their service and sacrifice, wed be living in a very different world.Those who wear the uniform dont necessarily stay in the military forever. Most will eventually transition into the civilian workforce after serving their tours of duty. They may be looking to use newfound skills, or maybe go to college to take advantage of benefits provided them by the federal government under the GI Bill.Not having served in the military, I cant offer firsthand experience about transitioning into the civilian job market. But I can offer some basic advice we can impart to those in uniform who, like any career changers, need to show prospective employers how their past experience can apply to a new position in a different arena.Know how your skills can transfer into the private sector. Do you have successful leadership experience? If so, maybe a management position lies in your future. Figure out the industries and job roles that could accommodate someone with your skill set. Maybe you worked in logistics, engineering, or vehicle maintenancethose are all highly transferable skills.If you need help focusing on a potential job role or industry, try these web sourcesMilitary.comU.S. Department of Labors Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS)Career One StopJob banks via Career One StopPrepare a resume. Once youve figured out what you want and what industries and companies youre targeting, make sure you prepare a resume thats free of military jargon. If hiring managers cant understand the terminology on your resume, they wont understand how your skills can fit their needs.Search the Web for resources that can help you translate military terms into language civilian employers can understand. Here are two other resourcesMilitaryStarsMilitary.comConsider outside help. If youre having a hard time making the transition or devising a strategy, consider hiring a career coach, preferably one who has expertise in a military-to-civilian transition.Meet others online and in person. Since news of many, if not most, job openings is passed around by word of mouth, it helps to network in person and online. Look up local networking groups and job search clubs, and take advantage of social networking sites such as LinkedIn.If youre a veteranor notwhat advice would you have for those making the transition into the civilian workforce? Add your views below.

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5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand That Brings Employers to You

5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand That Brings Employers to You 5 Ways to Build a Personal Brand That Brings Employers to You Have you ever looked at the personal brands of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins and thought, Yeah, it works for them, but Im not successful enough to risk standing out like thatHeres the secret A brand isnt something you build once opportunity has landed in your lap. Rather, a brand is the engine that brings new opportunities your way. It fuels growth no matter what stage of your career youre in and perhaps most importantly, it separates you from the pack. The end result? Youll be onthe receiving end of a steady flow of new opportunities from employers and people who wish to do business with you. You may never have to hunt for a job again.Heres how to get started building such a brand for yourself1. Define Your MissionA sense of purpose is essential to a brand that attracts attention. It is the North Star that guides every action you take, from giving a talk to firing off a tweet. If you skip this step,you willquickly find yourself lost in the woods, struggling to be found.Start by listing your top five values from most important to least. Examples might include family, community, and ambition.Then, list your top five passions from most important to least. Are you obsessed with advances in technology? Do you love being a connector between people in your network? Are you a fiend for mountain biking (like I am)? Dont separate career and personal just listyour passions.Finally, list yourtop five ideal traits. What traits have been most responsible for your successes to date? Quick learning? Empathy? Curiosity?Now review your answers to create a powerful one line mission statement. Here are some examples- My mission is to help ambitious people reach new levels in their careers.- My mission is to improve the lives of patients bybringing game-changing digital health solutions into the marketplace.- My mission is to show compani es that investing in HR and talent development isnt frivolous, but absolutely critical to long-term success.2. Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Brand AssetIf your LinkedIn profile does nothing but reiterate your resume, youre wasting an enormous opportunity. Hook employers by turning it into a space that captivates and drives engagement instead.Create a headline that speaks directly to your audiences pain. Youre not an FPA manager, youre a leader who can tap into finances potential to unlock value. See the difference?Turn curiosity into engagement by haring your story in the summary section. Use the following structure1. Your mission2. How your background personaland professional revealed this mission to you.3. What youre currently doing to advance your mission.Be sure to bring in visual elements. A picture truly does say athousand words. Invest in some professional headshots and think hard about developing visual assets like a case studies report or project portfolio you can lin k to your profile. Thesewill add major value3. Launch a Top of Mind CampaignRegular engagement on social media is key to making sure your name is the first one on peoples lips. Think in terms of delivering valueinstead of self-promotion. Ask yourself, What problems are my target employers grappling with? and What is unique about the way I see this problem?Beyond hot takes on industry goings-on, you can share quotes, thank others in your network, and share your learning. In other words, as you learn interesting and relevant new things and come across amazing content, share it with your followers. This will help you come across as an industry insider and go a long ways toward establishing credibility with employers before theyve even reached out to you.Consider using a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage all of your social media accounts in one place, and schedule a weeks (or months) worth of posts in one sitting.Use the ABA principle for your campaign always be analyzing Wha t posts struck a chord with your target audience? Do more of that.4. Amplify Your Voice Across PlatformsOnce youhave a regular top of mind campaign going, its time to get serious about creating shareable content that will juice your efforts and act as calling cards with potential employers.Get serious about blogging. platzset up a personal website (all-in-one website builders like Squarespace and Weebly can get you up and running quickly) and start creating long-form posts that key decision-makers at target companies would find highly useful. These can also be shared on LinkedIn. Expert tip Use Quora to search for questions that are frequently asked by professionals in your niche and write blog posts addressing those questions in depth.Launch and manage a niche LinkedIn group for example, Digital Marketing and PR Outlaws. This can help establish you as a thought leader and bring a steady flow of relevant industry connections your way. Just be sure to carve out some weekly time to m oderate comments and engagement. A spam-filled group does you no favorsConsider creating a weekly podcast or YouTube-hosted video series that will give you a broader level of exposure and foster deeper connections with your target audience.5. Take It OfflineAs alluring as online brand building is, there is no substitute for person-to-person engagement. Research local events and meetups where you can speak. Provide tons of value and be sure to record them to share on social media to add to your portfolio Its an amazing way to meet and leverage industry influencers.Anish Majumdar is a career coach, executive resume writer, and LinkedIn expert. Check out his career videos atResumeOrbit.comand connect with him onLinkedIn.

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91% of Employers Screen Candidates with Facebook, Twitter - FlexJobs

91% of Employers Screen Candidates with Facebook, Twitter - FlexJobs91% of Employers Screen Candidates with Facebook, Twitter -0Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.What are the top five reasons that recruiters DISMISS a candidate after viewing their online social profiles?13% The job seeker lied about his/her qualifications11% The job seeker posted inappropriate photos11% The job seeker posted negative comments about their previous employer11% The job seeker demonstrated poor communication skills11% The job seeker posted inappropriate commentsThese were followed closely by reasons like the job seeker posting content about their drinking or drug use, making discriminatory comments, and sharing confidential info from previous employers. Only 7 percent of employers say theyve never used social networking sites as the basis of dismissing a candidate.And what are the top five reasons that recruiters HIRE a candidate after viewing their online social profile?39% The job seekers positive personality and organizational fit were evident36% The job seekers profile supported their qualifications36% The job seekers profile demonstrated their creativity34% The job seeker had good references from others on their profiles33% The job seeker showed they had good communication skills and were well-roundedOnly 18 percent of employers say theyve never used social networking sites as the basis for hiring a candidate.What can job seekers do to make sure their online social networking activities are viewed positively by employers, or bedrngnis viewed at all?1) Make your social profiles private LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all have the ability to make your accounts private so that only your friends/followers/contacts can see your information and what you post. For more information on making Facebook private, check out our how-to video.2) Clean up your profiles Of course, since LinkedIn is a professional networking site, you should already have a clean profile. But Facebook an d Twitter can be a different story. Remove inappropriate photos and untag yourself from friends photos. Update your Info page to include all positive information past and current employers, education, volunteer work, interesting and thoughtful quotes, favorite movies and books, etc. Avoid divisive topics like politics, and keep everything positive.3) Use social media for your job search. Instead of shying away from social media, use it to your advantage. Here are 4 ways to use social media in a job search.